We’re on the quest to
bring fun back into gamedev

PixelAnt Games was created to change the way Polish gamedev works.

Our goal is to prove that things can be running differently – and that’s what we call Gamedev 2.0.

Gamedev 2.0 is how we think and act. It’s a kinder, smarter way of making games.

We make games

We are part of Sumo Digital and together we work on most recognizable, top-tier AAA/AA+ game brands (like Forza Horizon, Hitman & Sackboy) and collaborate with the biggest partners in the game industry (Microsoft, Sony, NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, WB, etc.).

Our business model is based on 2 pillars:

Co-development with Sumo Digital (and beyond)

Together with Sumo Digital and the Sumo Group we work on top-tier AAA/AA+ game brands.
Having an experienced, international partner means that we are financially secure and have a constant stream of variety incoming – we’re working with various teams on titles within different genres, developed for all platforms, and in many technologies.

Our own IP

We are currently working on our first, yet unannounced AA+ game. And we focus on creating a repeatable recipe for making high-quality games.
Our co-development work helps us finance our own IP development, making us independent of external funding and allowing us to work at our own pace and avoid crunching.

Gamedev 2.0

Gamedev 2.0 is how we think and act. It’s a kinder,
smarter way of making games. Discover our approach.

This is who we are

At PixelAnt Games we have one simple goal: make great games in a healthy atmosphere.

Organizational sweet-spot

Thanks to Sumo Digital's support, we are financially stable but remain independent in our decision-making.

Well-designed delivery process

Clearly set milestones, goals and project vision are key to game development success.

We grow smart, not fast

Ad we are strongly committed to uphold the culture we crafted while creating studio.

Values we really live by

Respect, trust and open communication are the fundamentals of our teamwork. Plus, we are focused on personal development and we never stop learning.

Multi-project environment

There is no getting stuck with the same project for years. At PixelAnt Games, we work on all genres for many platforms using various technologies.

World-class projects

Access to the most exciting AAA and AA+ projects and renowned game development experts.

PixelAnt Games Group


Founded in October 2020., led by Paweł Rohleder and Adam Lasoń
With offices in Wrocław (PixelAnt Games Group headquarters), Warsaw, Cracow


Founded in June 2022, led by Jan Kunt.
With offices in Prague and Brno



PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch


years of experience

Our senior team members have worked in the industry for over 20 years


titles our team worked on

Call of Duty, Dying Light 1 & 2, The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077

We’re hiring!

Our strength is in our talented people. Do you want to work in balanced, respectful, and collaborative environment? Let’s talk!

Join us!
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