Gamedev 2.0 is our formula
for sustainable gaming

Gamedev 2.0

Our formula for alternative gamedev: Pawel’s extensive technical experience in gaming + Adam’s software delivery expertise.

Adam Lasoń

has over 15 years of professional experience in multiple roles related to software delivery. Passionate about building long term relationships based on transparency and trust.

Pawel Rohleder

has over 20 years of experience in the game development industry. During his 14 years in Techland he participated in both original Dying Light, both Dead Island and all four Call of Juarez games from start to finish.

Gamedev 2.0 concept

PixelAnt Games was born to change the way Polish gamedev works. It’s time for a kinder, smarter way of making games.

Impressive gaming expertise

We like to think that after two decades, we know a thing or two about game development.
  • Created 15+ well-known AAA titles
  • Senior members with 20+ years of experience
  • Know which practices to avoid

Well-designed software
delivery services

It’s our not-so-secret weapon.
  • Knowledge of best practices for agile software delivery and project management
  • Tried-and-tested delivery practices by Sumo Digital

Being fair is in our DNA

We know that game development can be a draining job. We strive to create a radically different workplace, where we do what we love in a fun atmosphere and where trust and respect are as important as profits and deadlines. We believe in being fair with each other.

Sounds promising?

We’re recruiting - reach out to us to learn more about
the projects we’re currently working on!

We play by our own rules

For us, values are not just icons we put on office walls - they are our guidelines for everyday decisions. Here is what we believe in.

Keep promises
and don’t (ever!) lie

Assume best intentions and be a trusted partner for your colleagues and clients. Remember, cheating kills the game.

Use your common sense
and ask WHY

Listen carefully, be constructive and question everything. Never blindly follow processes and procedures. 

Be human
and do what you love

Aim high at work, but also keep your work-life balance. Run, climb, fly, collect stamps or grow tomatoes. Don’t crunch.

Keep on growing yourself
and your skills

We provide top notch development tools, but it’s still you in the front seat. Drive!

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Gamedev 2.0


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